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Loco CW 2016 webColor Warz is a licence created in 2006 by Fabien Friess and Nicolas Tézé.

Even if the main activity of FLUO Craft is to publish Color Quest, our company gets the rights on Color Warz boardgames and miniatures.

As you may know, since FLUO Games closure, Color Warz boargames like Paint Brawl and Dark Threat are no more published for now. At the same time, players continue to ask us about it. They would like to make it happen again.

So, if you are a board game editor and if you want to publish Color Warz - Paint Brawl and/or Color Warz - Dark Threat, do not hesitate to contact us at this email adress : fluocraft[at]gmail.com

Paint Brawl

CW Paint Brawl 3D box light

A tactical board game for 2 to 4 players.

Color Quest

Color Quest box
A Miniature Skirmish game for 2 players

Dark Threat

CW Dark Threat 3D box reboot light

An assymetric board game for 2 players.