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  • FC slideshow Color Quest
  • FC slideshow Color Quest
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  • Color Quest - Saga : illustration by Gaël Lannurien (Ninja's Spirit) and Maxime Berthelot (Artbook cover)
    Campaign living now on Game On Tabletop
  • Color Quest - Gamma : The Spartan. Illustration by Kev DC
    Campaign funded in 2020 with Game On Tabletop
  • Color Quest - Beta : The Valkyrie. Illustration by Kev DC
    Campaign funded in 2019 with Game On Tabletop
  • Color Quest - Alpha : The Doomed Matriarch. Illustration by Kev DC | coloured by Gaël Lannurien
    Campaign funded in 2018 with Game On Tabletop
  • Color Quest - The Black Swamp cover by Mariana Gomez
    Campaign not funded on Kickstarter in 2017
  • Color Quest - The Cursed Forest cover by Max Berthelot
    Campaign funded with Kickstarter in 2017
  • Color Warz - Khroma cover by Max Berthelot
    Campaign not funded on Ulule in 2016
  • Color Warz - Dark Threat cover by Kev DC
    Boardgame published by FLUO Games - 2013
  • Color Warz - Paint Brawl cover by Gius
    Boardgame published by FLUO Games - 2012
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Color Warz campaign ends on Kickstarter

FC polas news kickstarterHello to all of you,

So, this is it. Even with all these efforts, we did not reached our goal.
First of all, I would like to thank you for staying with us until the end, that was not easy.

Die was cast since the 72 first hours but we did all we can to change these perspectives. Don't be sad, we made a great campaign in backstage and we learned a lot.

We made important changes during the campaign that were not planned before the launch to test your needs such as adding miniatures. We have new opportunities now.

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Time has come to make it happen !

FC polas news kickstarterAfter two years of waiting here it came time for Color Warz to return to lights in a fabulous Artbook.

We hired all our expertise to offer you a beautiful book.

The Kickstarter campaign has been launched with the aim to bring 20,000€.

This target is ambitious but there is still much work to carry out this edition and meets our expectations. No surprise, we anonce what we need to work in decent conditions over the six months to come.

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Welcome on fluocraft.com

FC polas news fluo craftWelcome to all fo you,

Today fluocraft.com opens !

The website is quite light for now but we will make it grow with articles, illustrations and Arbooks for sure in coming months.

Those that followed us on FLUO Games known that we keep you informed on what we do.

Things are going right for now and we are in time in our schedule. We will now focus on the last details of the video and the Kickstarter campaign to be ready at time next week.

So stay tuned !

Facebook news

FC polas news facebookHello to you all, as I told you at the end of the Gob'z'Heroes campaign last january, new projects are at work. You know, since 2014, FLUO Games closed but the adventure does not stop there.

Today I am pleased to announce the launch of FLUO Craft, a new publishing house that aims editing Artbooks. There will be some Color Warz of course, but not only. To begin, I announce here our first project: Color Warz - Khroma.

I'll tell you more about it next week but the most important for now in this message is to inform you that FLUO Games becomes FLUO Craft (at least in terms of community and on Facebook) and Color Warz is not dead, really not.

I will return next Monday to tell you more about this new adventure!